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We have heard from clients “but I can find that product online for less”.
We wanted to address purchasing skincare products from unknown sources online and why we recommend purchasing directly from Oakmont Skin Care & Electrolysis, LLC.

1.  We make sure that we deal directly with the manufacturers.  This means that we are not purchasing products from a 3rd party.  These manufacturers monitor the transportation of their goods, meaning they know where they are at all times, how they are handled, packaged, stored, and shipped, including shipping temperatures of these goods to protect their effectiveness.
2.  We only sell our products at the manufacturers suggested retail price.  These companies establish the prices and in order to be in good standing, to continue to sell these products, we must adhere to their pricing requirements.  We will never sell above these MSRP’s.
3.  Beware of products sold on Amazon, eBay and even certain other skin care websites at discounted prices.  From my research and conversations with my suppliers, most of these are products that have expired, are discontinued or have passed through a third-party source.  This could mean that the products stability can be compromised, as they can be altered in some form so that the products lose efficacy.
4.  Most people don’t know that Physiodermie and Image Skincare Lines do not permit us to sell their products online.  Why?  Because purchasing premium beauty products through an authorized consultant ensures that we have done the proper consultations with our clients to educate them in using the correct products for their skin type and conditions as well as the proper use of those products to ensure optimal results, which you receive from one of our trained professionals.  That is why they only permit their products to be sold at professional skin care salons or doctor’s offices…not online.
In summary, if you have any questions about any of our skin care products, including pricing, please feel free to ask us…we are here to help!


Our Mission

Oakmont Skin Care & Electrolysis is dedicated to providing the highest quality of aesthetic services, superior professional strength products, wellness programs and education, enabling relationships to be built with every client entering our doors. To realize and achieve our goals as the absolute leader in the industry, our mission is to focus on customer service and continuous improvements through extensive training. Most important is our firm belief in providing a stress-free environment to allow our guests an opportunity to "let go", while enjoying peace, tranquility and relaxation as we help to improve their mind, body and spirit.

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Gift Certificates are available for all treatments and packages. Whether a thank you, birthday, anniversary, congratulations or holiday gift, there's no better way to say you care, than a gift from Oakmont Skin Care & Electrolysis.

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