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If you are looking to purchase Physiodermie Products, please call us direct at 412-828-5870.  We will be happy to fill your request and have your order shipped directly to you.  Taxes and shipping apply where applicable.


Research carried out by the Sintyl Laboratory in Geneva gave birth to the Methode Physiodermie, a new skin care concept specifically adapted to every type of skin which will allow you to achieve visible and lasting results. As a result of its innovative concept combining morphologies, natural products and the MEIMA, Methode Physiodermie is greatly contributing to the future evolution of beauty care.

All Physiodermie products contain natural ingredients such as essential oils, seaweed and marine extracts which are extracted from pure organic plants using refined methods. They are then preserved in the most advanced and technologically researched delivery system: The MEIMA Micro-Encapsulation. Encapsulating such high dosages of therapeutic essential oils to reach deeply targeted tissues makes Physiodermie one of a kind.


Why choose Methode Physiodermie? Methode Physiodermie provides an advanced skin care line manufactured in Switzerland that contains the MEIMA TECHNOLOGY. The MEIMA TECHNOLOGY is a selective delivery system that specifically targets membranes and delivers the necessary ingredients. Your skin’s vitality and the preservation of its youthfulness greatly depend on the dynamic balance between skin cell membranes and its component structures. The skin is constantly subjected to the assaults of time.

Scientific breakthrough in ingredients: MEIMA TECHNOLOGY
Manufactured according to the high standards of the Swiss Pharmaceutical industry
Research and selection of natural ingredients of the highest quality
Selection of natural Active Extracts
High concentration of therapeutic essential oils
Tested under dermatological control

The complete Physiodermie Methodology is based on many years of experience. A complete range of facial, body, cellulite treatments, and more, is offered to satisfy the most challenging demands of today’s clientele including difficult skin problems such as acne or rosacea. Experience has shown that Physiodermie treatments give clients an immediate sense of well-being and, more importantly, significant results.


Our Mission

Oakmont Skin Care & Electrolysis is dedicated to providing the highest quality of aesthetic services, superior professional strength products, wellness programs and education, enabling relationships to be built with every client entering our doors. To realize and achieve our goals as the absolute leader in the industry, our mission is to focus on customer service and continuous improvements through extensive training. Most important is our firm belief in providing a stress-free environment to allow our guests an opportunity to "let go", while enjoying peace, tranquility and relaxation as we help to improve their mind, body and spirit.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for all treatments and packages. Whether a thank you, birthday, anniversary, congratulations or holiday gift, there's no better way to say you care, than a gift from Oakmont Skin Care & Electrolysis.

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